Leadership Council

Along with the consortium of university partners, we facilitate an invite-only platform that connects Leadership with Employers & Universities to develop industry leaders

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Your Path to Career Advancement

Collaborate with Industry Professionals

Monthly State of Technology Presentations and Roundtable Discussions keep you current and connected with emerging leaders in your industry

Develop Leadership and Technical Skills

Complete Foundational Leadership Program and receive a Certificate from a University and develop technical knowledge by completing one of our University Certificate Bootcamps

Give Back While Building your Brand

Join our exclusive LinkedIn group, display your digital badge of membership, and mentor our students, present and provide strategic direction to the group

5 Reasons to join the Leadership Council


Increase your Leadership Quotient

Part of being a good leader is being able to help those you may not have a natural connection with. As we become more effective leaders, we raise our leadership capacity because we're relating with more people, finding new ways to apply our skills, and placing a greater emphasis on active listening. All these things help sharpen a leader's ability to lead others.


Position Yourself for Promotion

Combining leadership development, deep technical skills, and networking, you position yourself to massively increase the value you provide to your organization.

Management occupations earn an average of $97,152 annually in 2018, which is almost double the national average of $53,888.


Reskill Yourself for an Emerging Role

Our intensive programs, culminating in a Certificate of Completion from our esteemed university partners, are designed to deepen your technical expertise and keep you at the forefront of industry advancements.


Increase your Network

Facilitated presentations and discussions lead to lasting connections among council members. Access to the council LinkedIn group allows you to continue the discussion. Your fellow members will now be part of your professional network.


Give Back

Present at council meetings and in other forums facilitated by the council. Contribute to the strategic direction of the council and provide feedback on your courses. Mentor more junior professionals in your industry.

Our Leadership Councils

Data Science Leadership Council

The Data Science Leadership Council connects leaders in Data, AI, and Machine Learning to collaborate, learn, and network.

Digital Marketing Leadership Council

The Digital Marketing Leadership Council connects leaders in Marketing to stay current with trends and focuses on how Artificial Intelligence is transforming the industry..

Enhance Leadership Skills and Empower the Next Generation

When joining a Leadership Council, you are joining a network of trusted peers from whom you can give and receive advice. Our Council Members can mentor students going through our courses and contribute to the strategic direction and vision of the leadership council.