How to Engage with New Customers on Social Media
July 29, 2022
Author : John Gallagher
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 5 New Ways to Engage Social Media Customers

It’s no secret that social media has taken the world by storm. It’s challenged marketers to think creatively about every piece of content they create, before they share it with the world at large. Now that social media has become normalized in today’s culture, companies are more involved than ever in creating their brand’s voice, tone and culture online.

Companies crafting a sincere social media presence often face a number of challenges. One of the largest challenges a company might face in creating a social media presence is balancing authenticity and interest. You’ll need to keep your message authentic on social media, while creating content that your customers find genuinely interesting.

Today, creating content to engage new customers on social media can be difficult. Even when you have the most creative members of your marketing team producing compelling content, connecting with your target audience can take time and effort.

That’s why we’ve put together a guide that helps your brands organize a social media strategy in a way that authentically entertains and engages customers.

Why is social media so important?

Social media is impactful. It’s a tool you can utilize to help you engage your customers and prospects online. 4.62 billion individuals are now on social media, and there’s no telling how high this number will climb. With a buttoned-up social media strategy and thoughtful content, you can realize new opportunities for your brand and consistently address new customers on social media.

If you’re looking to truly engage with customers on social media, it’s important to avoid posting new content simply for the sake of posting it. Instead, you’ll need to be strategic with your content, choose the right platform and keep your customers’ concerns at the forefront of your strategy.

Here are five ways to help you engage with your current audience and learn how to use social media to find customers:

1. Focus on building a community

There’s nothing worse than a company that doesn’t respond to, or engage with, its customers online. If your customers take the time to post a genuine thought, or start a constructive conversation with your brand, taking the time to publicly respond demonstrates your commitment to all online viewers.

If someone comments on your post, continue the dialogue. If someone messages you with a question, respond promptly. Think of each social media profile as an extension of your customer support department. You have an opportunity to provide top-of-the-line customer service and leverage these platforms as an extension of your website.

Never underestimate the power of communication. These small acts of engagement can leave a big impact on the individual.

2. Establish your brand voice

Your brand voice is a tool that can help you attract new customers and retain current consumers. Your voice should reflect the values, goals and overall personality of your business. Think of your brand voice as the language you utilize to position your content on any social media platform.

For example, let’s consider how Wendy’s connects with their followers on Twitter. They use a fun, lighthearted tone and utilize current events and trends in their content. However, they infuse more professionalism into their brand voice across social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. That’s because Wendy’s understands the power of its voice and the different expectations customers maintain across different social networks.

3. Be strategic with your content

We’ll let you in on a secret: you don’t always need to sell to increase your sales. Make sure that when you’re curating content for social media, you’re mindful of the type of information you’re producing. Think outside of the box and look for new ways to engage and connect with prospects and your current customers.

Consider creating and distributing content like:

  • Company updates;
  • How-to guides;
  • Employee accomplishments and spotlights;
  • Funny or otherwise less serious content;
  • Community-centric features.

These posts help build credibility with your audience and enhance your connection with current followers.

Along the same vein, don’t forget to showcase your products! According to a study done by PWC, over 37% of consumers use social media as their largest source of inspiration for making a purchase. To inspire your following, try being more creative with how you sell your products! Consider user-generated content that provides a more natural feel and relates to the consumer.

4. Use your analytics

The best way to learn how to find customers on social media is by using the data sourced from your current audience. Your social media data and analytics can help you identify the type of content that resonates best with your current following, so you can mimic it in the future. You’ll see what posts your followers liked the most, which ones they shared with their friends and what generated the most traction.

Similarly, you’ll also discover the content that didn’t perform as well on social media.

Every social media platform has a suite of analytics and tools that provide the insight you need to make beneficial changes to your social media content and strategy.

5. Ask engaging questions

If you want to engage with your audience, first ensure your content is worth engaging with. You can ask insightful questions, provoke comments with impactful CTAs and use any of the unique engagement features found on each platform. This proactive approach helps encourage your followers to respond and interact with your content on a more regular basis.

What are the benefits of a dynamic social media strategy?

If you’re looking to learn how to find new social media customers, you’ll need a social media strategy firmly in place. A strategy helps you connect your social media content with your overarching goals. It provides you with a framework for developing and planning content. 

Without a plan, you may just be shooting in the dark — without a firm understanding of your audience’s likes or dislikes.

Here are some of the benefits to a well-rounded social media strategy:

  • Better analyze your results;
  • Align your content with your business goals and KPIs;
  • Understand your current audience;
  • Find new customers;
  • Increase inbound traffic back to your website;
  • Create customer loyalty;
  • Improve conversions and reach growth goals.

Once you prioritize a plan and craft content that moves followers toward action, you’ll unlock doors to new opportunities and build new connections.

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