The sales industry is continuously changing, and we're now in a time where innovation prevails. That's why it's only natural for individual efforts to focus more on the tech front than the traditional one. This tech sales bootcamp from WorkForce Institute provides individuals with all the tools needed for success in the field.

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Flexible Schedule Online Tech Sales Training Bootcamp Endorsed by Leading University Partners

Our online tech sales training bootcamp is a part-time, flexible schedule program that teaches students all aspects of the technology industry. Students will learn how to sell and market the latest in today's technology.

The modern job market is diverse and tech-savvy. If you are looking for a university bootcamp with technical business skills, this might just be your answer. Moreover, since you can take the courses independently, you can work and do your studies at your own pace.

The course provides you access to some of the world's most experienced instructors, allowing you to continuously expand your knowledge and skill set through individual development.


Technology Sales Training at WorkForce Institute

Digital disruption has led to a significant shift in the business world, where most sellers and manufacturers now sell their products online. For this reason, it is essential for sales professionals to have a sound understanding of how technology can help them succeed and be well-versed in the myriad of technicalities involved in sales today.

Taking our tech sales bootcamp is a good idea if you're aiming to improve your sales and marketing efforts. The knowledge you'll get will help you stay on top of changes with modern lifestyles and the digital world.

Key Features

WorkForce Institute offers high-quality certification in the area of Tech Sales, and this can help set your resume apart and affirm your claims as a tech sales expert. In addition, the certificate enables you to grow your knowledge in this field, which puts you ahead of others.


WorkForce Institute offers instructors with vast experience in the tech sales industry. Having this knowledge on hand is key to helping you take your career forward and create a plan for passing the certification exam. You will learn the common sales pitfalls, which means they can ensure your skills are a match for business needs.


One of the things we try to emphasize in our sales training is how our course employs real-world case studies. This allows you to get a broader perspective on what it feels like to be out there talking with customers. We've got real-life examples and industry sales pitches that our experts have created to guide you in your business.

Flexible Online Program

The most important characteristic of our tech sales bootcamp program is its flexibility. Developed to meet the needs of people working in the industry, participants can tailor their study plan accordingly and only attend virtual, live class when it suits them.

Personalized Career

We have experienced coaches and counsellors within our tech sales program to sit down with you and define a clear path to entry within the industry. We help you throughout your journey and give them a defined path to success.

Who Should Attend Our Technology Sales Training Course

This tech sales bootcamp is not limited to professionals in one industry. Instead, the content is geared towards those across different sectors in the market.


This sales program is for diverse people, from corporate tech professionals to those looking to break into the industry. AI and machine learning are significantly changing how sales work, including this in our program makes especially timely.

Professionals looking to update their skills with digital qualifications should take this course to build a strong foundation for their career growth in tech sales.

Prerequisites & Eligibility

Learning begins from scratch for how to sell tech products. It is highly advised that people with prior knowledge of sales take this program because the sessions have a lot of overlap. This program is also perfect for beginners and experts who have previous experience in the field. .

The best part about this course is that you don’t need any education-related background to benefit from the teaching approach. So, you can start the program from scratch and not worry about learning things that won’t be relevant for you.

Technology Sales Bootcamp Cost & Training Options

Everyone's time is limited, and we understand that not everyone can give the same level of commitment. That's why we offer several ways for students to be involved with our program.

We’ve chosen to offer this course in two different styles.


4 Week Tech Sales Bootcamp

In this 4-week bootcamp, we'll teach you tactical best practices in the field. The courses cover content that is likely very different from anything you've done before and will give a firm grounding in what modern technology sales looks like.

Cost for Cohort Style: $3500

Cost for Private Classes: $5500

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12 Week Tech Sales Training Course

In this 12 week immersive training course is more comprehensive. It tries to encapsulate as much knowledge as possible within these three months of intense training. For some people, it is a rigorous pace, but the skills you learn are invaluable.

Cost for Cohort Style: $6500

Cost for Private Classes: $8500

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What You Will Learn

This bootcamp will cover many critical areas that are important for tech sales. Topics include.

The Art of Selling

Selling is an art that many people find can be challenging. While it can be tricky to master, a well-trained sales representative is the best seller you'll find out there. This training bootcamp teaches you how to get better at this in a safe & fun environment.

One of the most significant advantages of this bootcamp is that you have world-class instructors who have been there, done that, and are willing to provide you with the necessary tools for success. In addition, you can always count on them for valuable bits of advice that will catapult your career.

Modern Software & SaaS

Cloud-based services are a dominating force in the tech sales landscape. Out of all the cloud-based services, the tech sales software is the most popular choice with all retailers today.

This course you will learn about SaaS and the various ways to execute a successful sales strategy. There are practical assignments that will help you develop your skills in the field by the end of the bootcamp

Inbound & Outbound Sales

In most sales models, different strategies are employed for inbound and outbound sales. In this tech sales certification, you'll learn about both inbound and outbound approaches to sales and how you apply them to digital media.

Sales Technology Platforms

The introduction of the cloud has been a big help in boosting sales strategy over the years. With CRMs and other popular sales management resources, such as Salesforce, sales professionals can up their game to pitch products and services with ease.

This certification will ensure you know the basics of how to use software and allow you to understand how it can help make sales more effective.

Tech Sales Bootcamp Cirriculum Glimpse

The curriculum for this bootcamp is broken down into five convenient modules. The modules will be covered based on the pace of the learning program you opt for.

The first module will explore the psychology of selling and what it means to trade. We'll also look into CRM platforms that are crucial in today's world.

The next module will cover sales development frameworks and some of the strategies you can use to work prospective clients in the world of tech sales. Including techniques to narrow down to the most qualified prospects.

One of the most important aspects of sales in the digital world is lead generation, and this module will go into how you can generate leads through organic and in-person forms of tech sales. We'll also discuss other ways to leverage your skills, like cold calling and emailing.

Our 4th module focuses on the role of sales presentations in the digital world and how to build content focusing on messaging, targeting, and tracking. Here, you'll also get outbound strategies including handling more difficult sales encounters.

The final module should give you the much-needed information for sealing those deals and other crucial tips for running successful sales forecasts and making intelligent goals.

Benefits of Tech Sales Bootcamp Classes

Our tech sales bootcamp offers several exciting benefits. The program covers topics that are relevant to:


Learn Practical Skills

Our course is spread over five modules and is designed to be straightforward. This bootcamp helps you improve your skills and simultaneously introduces you to the tech sales world.

The sales market tends to change quickly, which is why you might have trouble picking up the skills you need on your own. Our expert instructors introduce practical skills that help you get results in the industry.



Our tech sales bootcamp comes with certification for everyone who completes it. The certificate guarantees your skills and capabilities, which are essential to improving your career in the professional world.

After this course, you will have the necessary skills and qualifications to jump right into any industry vertical that you might be interested in. Additionally, this certification is good to have on your resume as a standalone qualification or other experience.


Advance Your Career

Our tech sales bootcamp is tailored to people who already work in sales. The course covers the proven cycle of planning, pitching, and managing relationships. And because we live and breathe tech sales, we can make the most of our course material for each group of people that attend the course.

With this certification, you develop your skills and put yourself in a position to earn much more. In addition, the better your skills, the easier it is to stand out with promotion opportunities.

Technology Sales Career & Salary Insights

There are ample opportunities in the tech sales industry, with jobs and internships open for any anyone to start a successful career. You can explore these careers in other posts like this one and search through links and articles within the site itself.

Bootcamp Graduate Careers in Technology Sales


Technology/Software Sales Associate

Annual Salary: $70,000 - $75,000

A software sales executive is responsible for managing both the associates & representatives of their department and overseeing the clients' business.

Sales Manager

Annual Salary: $90,000 - $120,000

A sales manager usually oversees an entire department of professionals and interacts with clients.

Technology/Software Sales Executive

Annual Salary: $90,000 - $120,000

A technology or software sales representative provides detailed and thorough information to clients and positions products and services to them.

Technology/Software Sales Executive

Annual Salary: $120,000 - $140,000

A software sales executive is responsible for managing both the associates & representatives of their department and overseeing the clients' business.

Account Manager

Annual Salary: $58,000 - $75,000

An account executive is a senior sales management role. They work with large accounts and pitch them more products.

Account Executive

Annual Salary: $58,000 - $75,000

An account executive is a senior sales management role. The account executive oversees large accounts and works with them to implement and pitch more products.

Develop Your Skills at our Tech Sales Bootcamp

The marketplace is continuously adapting and shifting. Innovations are happening quicker, and current sales are moving away from "brick-and-mortar" businesses to tech-based sectors. You'll find these reasons especially valuable in helping you decide on this bootcamp.

  • How to analyze basic operating principles of different sales markets.
  • How to propose and interpret market research and detect the sources of information necessary for correct decision-making.
  • How to develop essential marketing processes that expedite your organization’s operations.
  • How to implement relationship marketing best practices.
  • How to manage negotiation processes.
  • How to structure and manage the commercial organization of a business.
  • How to ideate and manage media communication strategies.
  • How to use online marketing management techniques.
  • How to leverage online campaigns and assess results.
  • How to empower a sales team of any size.


The tech sales bootcamp is a bootcamp that trains people to work in 'future-proof', long-lasting positions.

Yes. Tech sales Bootcamps will definitely give you your money’s worth.

Fresh graduates and people looking to learn about tech sales.

Fresh graduates and people looking to learn about tech sales.

Tuition payments are easy to manage and are broken down into convenient batches making them easily affordable no matter your pay frequency.

The course is perfect for anyone looking to improve their skills and learn the ins and outs of Tech sales.

This course includes tuition fees for the entire duration, plus guidance and specialized training. Instructors are experts in this field with relevant experience, guaranteed to help you with relevant examples and use cases. Additionally, the fees also include counseling to help you identify your future career objectives.

Tech sales reps may also hold specialized career certifications in healthcare or technology/UX Design.

After finishing the course within the designated period and by completing the program requirements, students are eligible to apply for a Certificate of Completion in Tech Sales.

The program conducted online and the classes are on zoom.

Become a Technology Sales Experts

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