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What is Search Engine Marketing?
Auther: John Gallagher
Mar 30, 2022

Digital marketing guru Josph Bojang understands the role that paid search plays in a successful digital strategy

“People get on Google to go, know or do.”

Google offers a viable platform for any marketer looking to pair their messaging with demographics proven to convert.

SEM offers low-cost, high-yield online marketing opportunities personalized for your brand. The approach broadcasts your message across mainstream platforms like Google, Yahoo and Bing, typically through a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising format, which allows for the easy management of your online campaign.

At every juncture, you control your daily and overall budgets, advertisement content, search terms and more. Essentially, campaigns are installed to pay low, set rates each time a customer completes a pre-arranged action on your website. Your ads quickly land clicks, improving your brand’s online reputation and earning increased traffic to landing pages of your choice.

SEM Components

No PPC campaign begins before you align your goals with associated paid search platforms. Ultimately, you approve all major campaign details before continuing. Any successful PPC campaign is rooted in 5 key elements: keywords, ad bid, ad content, ad exposure and reported analytics.


Keywords are individually analyzed for estimated competition, search volume and cost per click, and ultimately we hand-select each for installation. You’ll also employ keywords that provide continuity between ad and landing page copy, unifying the user experience.

Ad Bid

Appropriate ad bidding keeps your cost per click low, and your traffic high. Note that with limited online ad availability, your competition is likely also bidding for similar keywords. Thus, prices are likely to fluctuate. However, we regularly update ad bids when necessary. We remain within your monthly budget, while maximizing on whichever conversion metric(s) you prefer (impressions, clicks, calls, webpage visits, etc.)

Ad Content

  1. The content itself is the heartbeat of your entire campaign.
  2. Dynamic, actionable content transforms a viewer into a customer.
  3. We keep your ad copy relevant and fresh, and continually test keyword and phrase combinations in the ad copy itself, to determine optimal performance through A/B testing.

Positive content directly correlates to a positive click-through-rate, and therefore the entirety of your campaign. After researching any PPC campaigns launched by your competition, we look to draft unique, organic material that succinctly showcases the best your brand offers.

Ad Exposure

  • With the flexibility that any PPC campaign provides, we can display your online advertisements wherever and whenever you choose, within given search parameters.
  • You can choose to target a location radius or physical destination, or even exclude regions from exposure to your ads.
  • We can also target audiences who entertain specific interests, of specific ages, or with specific inclinations.
  • We can even control the type of device on which your ad appears, along with the websites where your ad is displayed.

The quality of your landing page also goes a long way toward generating successful PPC campaigns. Statistically, ads with better optimized pages outperform those campaigns with outdated landing pages. Users look for a crisp, streamlined experience, from first clicking on your ad to eventually converting on your website.

We may suggest building new landing pages as destinations for your upcoming PPC campaigns. We will likely also look to bolster on-page SEO; increasing your page’s organic search engine rankings can assist your ad campaign. Consult our SEO package for more information on landing page optimization.

Reported Analytics

What good is your PPC campaign if you aren’t granted access to its results? We grant you access to real-time online ad campaign results, so that you can stay up-to-date on your campaign’s performance from the start. We dedicate ourselves to regular campaign optimization – installing/removing keywords, updating ad spend, adjusting target demographics, revising ad content, looking to increase conversion metrics, and seeking broader exposure – and we want the results to show.

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