Flexible Finance Options

How do tuition payments work?

Here’s a bold thought: you shouldn’t have to choose between your wallet and your future.

Here’s another bold thought: You deserve the chance to pursue your dream job, fully-equipped with the education and certifications you’ll need to stand out from other applicants.

At Workforce Institute, we’re fully committed to closing the distance between you and the next-level career of your choice. To make that goal a reality, we offer the widest variety of program payment options available today.

If you’d like more information on program funding, we’ve got your back. Connect with a personal Admissions Advisor right now — we’re ready to discuss any finance-related thoughts you might have.


Option #1: Pay right now

Pay instantly through our online financial portal. We accept credit card, and debit cards.

It’s fast, easy and secure — and we’ll send you a post-transaction receipt for your records.

Option #2: Pay later

Finance and installment payments help students all over the world take control of bright professional futures.

Fund your education program through one of our trusted finance partners, education-exclusive lenders that understand your changing needs. Funding is yours after a five-minute application.

When it comes time to satisfy a financial partner, automated payments keep things simple and manageable.

Get financed.

We take pride in making Workforce Institute programming accessible and affordable for every interested student. Our advisors can provide information and support at every step, to make sure that your smart financial decisions today contribute to a brighter tomorrow.

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