Learning how to market online, manage inventory and maintain a successful supply chain is essential to the growth of any ecommerce business. The ecommerce industry is full of opportunities, so your best chance at success is to start from the basics. Learn the ropes first before making the jump into the deep end - We can help you.

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Part-time Flexible Schedule Online eCommerce Bootcamp Endorsed by Leading University Partners

A university bootcamp can teach you the basics of ecommerce, providing a user-centric course to professionals and tech students. That's right - you can learn independently, with courses that won't affect your other commitments.

The course provides you access to some of the world's most experienced instructors, allowing you to expand your knowledge and skill set through individual continuous development.


eCommerce Program at Workforce Institute

Learning from our highly qualified and experienced instructors mean you're getting a mixture of industry knowledge and training skills needed to succeed.

This ecommerce bootcamp is designed to teach you the basics of this industry so that you can start your own small side business and do what you love.

Key Features of an eCommerce bootcamp

You're faced with open doors in the business world. However, the ecommerce space is still new; entrepreneurial skills and knowledge of the online world are essential for running an effective store. In addition, you will have to compete against strong opponents. Here are some critical features of our ecommerce course.


Industry leaders compiled this course for you to explore what to expect in the ecommerce industry. They break down their experience and knowledge during this program with you. Finally, we discuss how to succeed in big markets.


This bootcamp offers courses in a variety of entrepreneurial skills. You'll gain a solid basic understanding of ecommerce through our classes and learn other helpful tricks and strategies for success. Academic knowledge may be great, but it's not enough for real-world needs. This is where we come in with our real-world solutions and case studies. Solving case studies and projects provides training to the industry and its expectations. From designing a prototype & business model to creating a market strategy, these projects help identify the skills necessary for success in the industry.

Professional Portfolio Development

In our eCommerce bootcamp, we provide a perfect opportunity to improve your skills and build your portfolio. The program certification can open doors and help you reach your goals .

Personalized Career

The ecommerce industry is growing fast, and there are many opportunities for recent graduates to try their hand at it. We'll talk to you about the possibilities, formulate personal development plans that suit you best, and help you set goals for success.

Career coaches sit down with their aspiring students and figure out what they are looking for. This includes discussions about career paths and what skills would be needed in the future. Then, they will decide on the perfect pathway to success for you.

Who Should Attend Our eCommerce Bootcamp Course

We believe that our ecommerce Bootcamp courses are for anyone interested in learning the basics of ecommerce. We have seen the benefits of these courses for people looking to start their businesses or become entrepreneurs.


This course will not require any previous knowledge; it is designed to be relative to anyone who works in eCommerce or is looking to change career.


If you're looking to start a career in ecommerce or upgrade your skills, this bootcamp will help you. By completing the bootcamp, you'll gain the ability to capitalize on digital opportunities fully.

Social media has become an integral part of running a business, and not having a strategy can be damaging. So, we have courses that help learn the ins and outs of your online presense and teach newcomers how to set up their company profiles and other essential matters.

Our courses are designed for both beginners and those more experienced in ecommerce and the tech industry. We cover many aspects of the industry, from digital marketing to coding.

There is always room for improvement- it's tough in a competitive world when algorithms dominate. However, our ecommerce courses should help you take care of things.

eCommerce Bootcamp Cost & Training Options

Our ecommerce training program is designed to meet the demands of students and give them different options to choose from. It is convenient, demanding, and provides three options.

4 Weeks eCommerce Bootcamp

If you can’t afford a longer course, the short but intense four-week bootcamp course might be for you. The course is designed to learn the most critical aspects of ecommerce and focuses on necessary skills.

12 Weeks eCommerce Course

We understand how busy you are, so we developed a super-convenient and short ecommerce course to get you on the right path to success in just 12 weeks. It does this by maximising the knowledge and skills you’ll learn within a tight deadline. While intense, the skills and knowledge you will gain will be precious.

28 Week eCommerce Course

The 28-week-long master course package is one of a kind. This course considers every aspect of skill development and sharpens your knowledge to prepare you for long-term success in the ecommerce field.

This is the most comprehensive and elaborate of all the available courses. However, it does not speed things up; instead, it works on the underlying principle that one has to put time and effort into making great things.

What Will I Learn?

Our comprehensive courses provide information at great depth. We’ll cover lessons that review initial business stages, digital setup, operations and more.

Starting an eCommerce Business

You may have already started an ecommerce business, but was it done the right way? Is it sustainable in the long run?

Our bootcamp will provide you with all the dos and don’ts of starting an ecommerce business.

Starting an ecommerce business can be challenging. With this bootcamp, you will be able to identify your weaknesses and strengths, find the best product for a successful start-up and make more money in the long run.

eCommerce Store Setup

Many ecommerce businesses don't know how to run and manage a suitable store for their customers. With this bootcamp, you'll be able to learn the best ways of successfully running a business without any issues.

This course has it all, from setting up shop, marketing strategies, and the best ways of keeping customers happy; this course has it all.

Payment Processing

Customers in a fast-track digital era are impatient. Therefore, payment processing solutions must be practical and user-friendly to drive sales. Understanding how these payment gateways work and which one to rely on will help you improve your business offerings.

This will also make it easier to serve customers and grow the number of people who choose to buy from you.

eCommerce Business Accounting

Every business needs to effectively and efficiently manage its finances. This includes understanding taxes, details about transactions, inventory records, refunds, and other cost-of-doing-business data.

IThis will also make it easier to serve customers and grow the number of people who choose to buy from you.

eCommerce Business Marketing

Marketing is the deciding factor for a business's success. With technology being everyone's focus nowadays; your marketing strategy can differentiate between staying afloat and sinking. You will learn about successful marketing strategies that drive results by attending this camp.

eCommerce Bootcamp Cirriculum Glimpse

In this first module, we will be introducing the basics of ecommerce. Although it seems simplistic at first glance, a lot is put into it, and we help you grasp the more difficult information.

You’ll need to understand this module since changes in the industry can make things more challenging and they often come with new rules that need to be followed.

The second module involves setting up your website by teaching you about WordPress installation, making your site more attractive with themes, and MySQL for web databases and ecommerce.

This module will teach you how to set up your ecommerce website. We'll guide you through each step of the process, from deciding on a domain name, hosting & design to registering a custom domain and choosing payment gateways. .

After setting up your ecommerce store, you need to optimise for purchase conversions so shoppers can buy from you. This means making sure the site is easy to use, that checkout is quick, and that customers can figure out how to find what they want in an intuitive manner.

The 5th module will cover product creation and how to manage SKUs (stock-keeping unit)) in your store. Learn about the tools we've got for you that make this process easy for beginners and more advanced users alike.

The 6th module will teach you everything you need to know about shipping and taxes. They are an essential aspect of your ecommerce, and we teach them with a combination of live video lessons and step-by-step tutorials. .

Any business needs to keep records of its cash flow and expenditure. However, not every company knows how to do it effectively and efficiently. This module will teach you the skills needed to stay on top of accounting to inventory or fulfilment.

It is the last and most important module in this course. Marketing helps to make up for any shortcomings in your business. Marketing is what keeps you alive and afloat in the world of online business.

It’s an important topic to learn if you want your ecommerce store to win consumers. Marketing is a significant part of your business. This module will provide you with the knowledge to maximise your marketing efforts.

Benefits of Our eCommerce Bootcamp

It takes time and dedication to see success in ecommerce on a large scale. You need the proper guidance, advice, and strategies to get there. Learn from the experienced course instructors to avoid mistakes that end up hindering your success. Following are some of the many benefits you will receive from the ecommerce bootcamp program:


Learn Practical Skills

It is vital to have only the relevant and valuable skills no matter what you do. Delivering high-quality work will help keep your clients happy and increase your chances of success in this increasingly competitive marketplace.

Our course pack is split into eight modules, each delivering a diverse range of skills and knowledge essential for success in this industry. You'll learn from professionals with extensive experience and develop your abilities to the fullest.



Upon completing your course from our ecommerce bootcamp, you will receive a certificate. This certificate can help showcase your value and potential..

This certificate is confirmation that you worked on your skill sets, gained new knowledge, and nurtured your talent. It can help take your ecommerce career to the next level by providing you with a competitive advantage over other professionals just like yourself who have not yet obtained this certification.


Advance Your Career

The world continues to advance rapidly by reinventing its businesses, and information technology play a crucial part in this. You might find that the skills you learned a while ago aren’t enough to keep up with today's trends, mainly if your role lies in ecommerce, which has undergone significant changes in recent years.

We're offering you an opportunity to advance your career with us. Both this interconnected global world & the competitive job market provides endless possibilities for those who are willing to take them, but it's hard to succeed if you're not well-equipped or prepared.

eCommerce Career & Salary Insights

eCommerce is an overgrowing industry and provides many opportunities to start your own business. In addition, ecommerce can be a great way to generate passive income to cover living expenses and provide extra money for vacations, hobbies, and other activities.

Program Graduate Careers in UI/UX Design

Some of the opportunities the bootcamp graduates of this course will find are:


eCommerce Manager

Salary Range: $40K - $120K

Average: $68K

An ecommerce manager must oversee all the various marketing or web design strategies. In addition, they are in charge of collaboration with content developers, marketing agencies, or other departments and ultimately report back to the higher-ups.

eCommerce Director

Salary: $101K - $203K

Average: $140K

An ecommerce director is in charge of every aspect of an ecommerce company. This could include developing strategies to improve the business, making effective social media campaigns, or directing & leading a team to make sure things are running smoothly.

eCommerce Entrepreneur

Salary Range: $44K - $187K

Average: $101K

An ecommerce entrepreneur describes someone who comes up with new ideas and manages all the activities to get that idea going. They are responsible for all the operations of this project throughout its lifespan.

Develop Your Skills

At Our eCommerce Bootcamp

Our bootcamp will help you spend more time building your skills while learning about the industry. This way, you can start looking for jobs and competing almost as soon as graduation comes around.

Some of the many reasons to join us are:

  • Getting the opportunity to learn from the best in their field
  • Our classes are tailored to students and offer a flexible schedule so you can get the most out of your course.
  • With our help, it's easy to avoid simple mistakes that could disrupt your project. We offer more than basic training.
  • We design our bootcamp to give you all the insights and skills needed to start your own business. The sooner you get started, the sooner you can earn and make a living doing what you love.
  • It will help you know the key performance indicators (KPIs), references, analytics, and indices applicable to the ecommerce business.
  • Learn how to set and achieve goals - both short-term and long-term. This is done by engaging in goal-oriented behavior development

Meet Our eCommerce Experts


The E-Commerce Bootcamp serves as an introduction to the world of E-Commerce and further covers the basics and fundamentals.

eCommerce Bootcamps are an excellent way to learn about how to become a digital marketer with fresh training in new topics. The space is changing the world right now with new trends coming out.

Yes, after completing our eCommerce Bootcamp you will get all the necessary skills to search for a vast array of jobs in the field of E-Commerce.

Yes, after completing the bootcamp, you will have all the skills to start your own business.

This course is for fresh graduates and for people with little or no background in the field of E-Commerce.

The tuition payments work in a way that is easy for everyone to manage. The payments are broken into easy sums for everyone to manage and the payment plans are flexible, so you don’t have to worry about them being too difficult or expensive.

If you are looking to learn E-Commerce and want a program that helps you get there, then this program is best for you.

We offer full tuition for our programs, which cover all modules, advice from counselors on job placement and certification, among other things.

After successfully completing the program you will be given a certificate of completion.

The program is conducted online and the classes are conducted on zoom.

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