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Career-ready in 18 weeks

  • - Design and optimize websites to maximize traffic acquisition
  • - Leverage social media marketing for increased public engagement
  • - Engineer content strategies that convert prospects into repeat buyers
  • - Collect, cleanse and analyze data on customer insights
  • - Deploy paid marketing strategies that improves search engine traffic
There’s a reason why 85% of our job-ready graduates find rewarding careers in 60 days or less.
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Earn an industry-respected Online Digital Marketing Certification upon completion of your Digital Marketing Bootcamp, to further improve your marketability and upward career potential:

This module will cover the fundamentals of digital marketing, including how to become a digital marketer and the skills students need, the marketing research models, and their use cases in today’s digital world. The marketing research models discussed in this module are the advertising research model, social media marketing research model and content marketing research model. The module aims to provide learners with a basic understanding of the terminology and concepts related to digital marketing and an overview of the channels used for online advertising.

This module will cover the basics of audience targeting and how students can reach demographics in their “micro-moments.” This module will also touch on some tools that can be used to gather insights about their audience, including Persona Market and Audience Analysis. Audience analysis will help students better understand target audiences and how they behave.

This module will cover the main communication principles of negotiation and collaboration. As more technology is introduced, this course will teach students how to be effective in their communications and collaboration.

After completing this module, students will understand the difference between reach and engagement, and conversion and action.

This module will present and analyze the data-driven stage in digital marketing lifecycle. It will also improve students' understanding of digital marketing's value, emphasizing the impact of various channels on different customer segments. This lesson is designed to help students understand how to use data to make better decisions, in ways that contribute to direct business growth.

This module covers website development concepts, which include web design principles, website code and search engine optimization (SEO). The second section focuses on creating a web patform with website creation & coding strategies.

This module will cover the process of creating and distributing valuable, consistent content that addresses the needs of a company’s target audience. This module also provides tips on how to write compelling blog posts to promote business growth. To create content that drives actual results, it's essential to understand what content their audience would want to read online and how they react when they find it. This module will break down best practices from different types of content and highlight some successful strategies for producing high-quality blog posts.

This module will cover paid search marketing principles and strategies students should consider when creating a PPC campaign. This module aims to help students understand the fundamentals for effective paid search marketing campaigns by presenting relevant knowledge about PPC campaigns, their essential components and how to maximize their results.

The main aim of this module is to identify the strengths and weaknesses of social media platforms. We'll teach students how to leverage these strengths for better ROI, and assess different strategies for growth on social media.

This module will help students find patterns in data and achieve meaningful insights from the information they collect. Students will learn to dig deeper into performance management issues with data gathered from clients' website and analytics activities.

Social media campaigns enhance brand ethos and drive traffic. This module will cover how different tools can be used to create, implement and optimize social media campaigns. It will also cover how to manage and evaluate those campaigns. Students will learn to navigate social planning calendars, social advertising and social-specific conversion tracking.

Content writers must understand their target readers, and how they want their content to resonate, before creating any collateral. This module will cover how content writers can engage a community and grow an audience by creating relevant content that is well-received by community members, thus incentivizing members to follow them.

Download the syllabus to see all bootcamp modules.

Who is our Digital Marketing course for?

Aspiring marketers

Free yourself from a static or dissatisfying position, and amplify your career trajectory, behind the power that a digital marketing program provides. Take your first steps toward sustained growth in a meaningful digital marketing career, as you learn pivotal strategies that help you create, run, and analyze digital marketing campaigns.


Ready to market your product or service? Looking for new ways to introduce your brand to new eyes? This training provides the tools that allow you to grow your business behind paid and organic strategies that help actively convert prospects into customers.

Business owner

Perhaps you’ve held jobs before, but they have been unrelated to your career goals or you’ve been out of the workforce for many years. Or perhaps you’re looking for your first professional experience. These resources are a great place to start.

Programmers and developers

Fortify your coding skills behind a digital marketing curriculum packed with actionable insights. Our digital course builds well-equipped digital professionals behind modules that help web developers add related abilities to their core skillsets.

Digital Marketing Technologies

This Bootcamp prepares you to use these top technologies in Digital Marketing.


Your newfound skills in digital marketing can qualify you for the following positions.

UI/UX Writing

Paid Media

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Paid Media

Paid Media Specialists help organizations maximize traffic, conversions, and sales — all according to user searches, interests, and social platform activity. Spend time analyzing data on customers' search engine behaviors to determine the best advertisement content, timing, platforms, and audiences.

Average Salary: $71,787 per year.

UI/UX Research


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An SEO specialist works to maximize a brand’s online presence, implementing on and off-page optimizations principles across branded web elements. A majority of an SEO specialist’s responsibilities are directly tied to a brand’s performance across the world’s premiere search engines.

Average Salary: $63,553 per year.

UI/UX Strategy

Content Marketing

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Content Marketing

Content is fundamentally important to all stages of corporate growth. Content marketers understand how, and when, to engineer content that transforms interested buyers into returning customers. The best content marketers create share-ready content, prepared for social deployment to wide audiences.

Average Salary: $75,165 per year.

UI/UX Design

Marketing Operation

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Marketing Operation

Marketing operations professionals oversee entire marketing teams, coordinating workflows with sales pipelines, customer needs and business objectives. You'll remove roadblocks and drive organization efficiency by introducing new customers to better solutions and processes.

Average Salary: $69,525 per year.

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*All salaries according to 2022 Glassdoor estimates.


Workforce Institute is offering a Digital Marketing Bootcamp for one reason: to connect passionate students with the chance to achieve a deserved career in digital marketing. We're preparing a new generation of working professionals to address challenges posed by a rapidly evolving, technology-driven world. Our knowledge-based training programs facilitate access to dynamic learning modules and certifications - all to prepare you for a successful career. We provide access to high-quality skills training that anyone can access, interact with and understand.

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