UX Rules
Author : John Gallagher
March 20, 2023
10 Important UX Rules That Every Designer Needs to Know

Learn some of the key rules for an effective UX plan. In today’s digital age, user experience (UX) has become essential to the development of any product or service. Usability, accessibility, and visual design are the main areas that UX designers concentrate on to give users a seamless and delightful […]

improving landing page user experience through wireframing
Author : John Gallagher
June 9, 2022
7 Tips to Optimize Landing Page UX

Why be concerned with landing page user experience? A landing page is a big deal. When consumers look for a new product or service, they go straight to the internet. If a company is lucky enough to outrank its competitors or catch the consumer’s eye first, they’re one step ahead […]

Mobile-First Design
Author : John Gallagher
May 13, 2022
The Beginner’s Guide to Mobile-First Design

Mobile-first design is, as it sounds, the method of designing a website, digital or web asset primarily to satisfy mobile users.