Rank for New Keywords Image by Domenico Loia
Author : John Gallagher
August 21, 2022
How to Rank Your Website for New Keywords

Keywords are an essential part of any good SEO strategy. When used correctly, they can help businesses rank across the world’s most popular search engines and stay two steps ahead of their competition. Why is ranking for pivotal keywords so important? To put things in perspective, over 85,000 Google searches […]

SEM Careers Photo by Tim van der Kuip
Author : John Gallagher
July 29, 2022
What Are the Best SEM Jobs in 2022?

Top SEM Careers [Updated 2022] More often than not, a customer’s first impression of your company begins with an online search. Prospects go straight to Google when they need a product or service, and rely on the search engine to help them answer their questions. At that moment, if your […]

how to ethically collect customer data photo by UX Indonesia
Author : John Gallagher
How to ethically collect customer data

6 Ways to (Ethically) Collect Customer Data Have you ever been surfing the web or scrolling through your Instagram timeline, when an advertisement popped up that seemed to know everything about you? We’ve all been there. It’s almost like digital advertisers can read your mind; in reality, they’ve only collected […]